...is Jennifer Omran's personal pledge to create heaps of well written copy and sprinkle it wherever she can - because words are important.

They can be inspiring, motivating, subtle or assertive. They can mean the difference between a fabulous piece of communication, or a frankly average one.

Jennifer likes words. A lot. She arranges them into cleverly flowing sentences to form great copy for brochures, leaflets, websites, ads, direct mail, and literature. She writes for agencies, for clients, for one-man bands, and for large corporations. She's from an agency account handling background, so if you want to, you can even take her along to your client meetings and be sure that she won’t embarrass you.

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Some of Jennifer's current favourite words:

avacado cuticle lenticular pickle genre winehouse

Jennifer your current favourite words (no rude ones please) and give her some inspiration.

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