Jennifer has always been a word lover, from the age of three where, if fables are to be believed, she used to read out stories to the rest of her nursery class during story time whilst her teacher knitted in the corner (such are the hazards of going to pre-school in South London).

Whilst she was small, she learned to speak Polish and Persian from her maternal and paternal grandparents, which increased her interest in all sorts of words.

When she was admittedly not much taller, she studied English Language at King's College London, and after graduating, embarked upon a four-year stint working in design and advertising agencies.

During this time, she used any opportunity she could to write copy for both her workplace and her clients, from case studies and website updates, to posters and brochures, and perfected her organisational skills to boot.

Now a freelance writer in her own right, Jennifer writes copy for a wide range of people and purposes, and would be delighted to hear from you if you have a need for written copy.


Jennifer is mostly calm, collected and very cheerful, but is frequently sent into an irrational rage by the incorrect use of apostrophes.